Sometimes I need to convince my clients to use WordPress. They either have a lack of knowledge about this CMS (Content Management System) or had a bad experience with it.

Let’s Look At Some Common Myths About WordPress:

Myth 1: WordPress is just for blogs:

Well, you can create a magazine, business, agency, charity site, a web page for your restaurant, for your law firm, the sky is the limit. These days more than 22.5% of the websites are powered by WordPress, which is a high number. Therefore we can say, WordPress is not just for blogs, that was in the old days.

Myth 2: WordPress is complicated to use:

I would say for first-time users it can be a bit overwhelming, but if you give a chance it will be an easy ride. You need to have a good resource and a bit of practice and then you’re good to go!

Myth 3: WordPress is not secure:

Good news, WordPress is a good choice because of its security, although 100% security doesn’t exist! Did you know there is a team of +25 security experts hired by WordPress who’s the only job is make sure that WordPress is secure and safe from attacks? Keep in mind, for that, you need to keep your WordPress always up to date.

Reasons Why WordPress Is Your Ultimate Choice

1. It’s FREE:

You don’t need to pay a dime for it, and they update it regularly. That’s a good deal!

2. You Can Easily Add Posts / Articles Or Schedule Them:

Of course, that’s not obligatory, but in case you want to change/add new content, it’s super easy. You can write your blog and reviews about your favorite places to eat or create a page about the services you offer.

3. Attach Media Files:

Easy to include images/videos to your articles.

4. Reach Your Website From Anywhere:

No matter where you are in the world, thanks to the admin system of WordPress, you can easily log in and create content and/or change something on your website. vs.

Starting a website on means that they host it for you, no charge, but there are some disadvantages. You can use their free theme selection, but they don’t look as great and It’s hard to customize them. You can’t use the WordPress plugins either. Of course, they offer premium services for some monthly fee. But you still miss at least half of the good stuff…

Good news is, that you can use WordPress on your own server from Which means, you can choose from tons of the free themes, and if you have an idea in mind for your website, your web developer or I can make that happen. Let’s not forget about the server, a reliable and good hosting service doesn’t cost that much. I’m hosting my website on Site Ground. I pay around 6 EUR/month. Their customer service is really good and so far I’m satisfied with them.

What are your experiences with WordPress?

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